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The Reluctant Bridegroom by Arabella Sheraton – Book Review

Tall and handsome thirty-year-old Hugo Charles William St. John Wendover is the Earl of Wenham, and an eligible bachelor. Since Almeria, his sister, did not have any children and Hugo still being unmarried, there were all chances that the title, the estates, and all the money would go to their awful cousin, Felix Barstowe. Their father had promised Lord Lavenham, an old friend of his, that Hugo would marry his daughter, Miranda, and his older sister, Lady Almeria Pickerton repeatedly reminded him of his father’s wishes. Little Twilling where Miranda lived was fifty-six miles away, and a little outside Cambridge. The Miranda Lavenham he met at the local inn because of heavy snowfall was different from what he had expected. She was not that demure and unspoiled, but instead was a woman of confidence with a mind of her own. Hugo thought it was better to invite her to stay with him and his sister in London so that he would get to know her better. How does the flamboyant Felix Barstowe react to this plan because Hugo’s marriage would spoil everything for him?

‘The Reluctant Bridegroom: An Authentic Regency Romance’ by Arabella Sheraton is a conventional Regency romantic story that will captivate the readers with interesting characters, twists and turns in the plot, and love. The three main characters, Hugo, Felix, and Miranda have been sketched well and will be memorable to the readers. This light-hearted story is a good mix of romance, wit, and intrigue, and the author weaves them together with panache. There is also an angle of mistaken identities when Hugo initially meets Miranda, and the descriptive narration takes the readers right into the scenes, and to their historical settings.

I enjoyed the story and the author’s writing style is simple, fluid, and elegant. Her ability to narrate the story is effortless and there is a good pace and movement to the plot from the beginning till the very end. Regency romances are set during the era of the English Regency and the settings, romance, and traditions of that period are palpable while reading the book. The genre is fascinating, and I am glad I discovered this brand new author. I am looking forward to reading more of her works.

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The Secret of Love: 10 Simple Steps to Finding the Right Relationship by Arabella Sheraton

Have you been disappointed in love and unable to find the right person? ‘The Secret of Love: 10 Simple Steps to Finding the Right Relationship’ by Arabella Sheraton gives you amazing techniques to transform your life and find the right partner to share your life with. You will see yourself becoming a magician who can transform your love life, yourself, and relationships. The book is a good way to transform all your deep-rooted beliefs and old patterns of thinking so that you can see and feel the love you deserve and desire. Though you feel you know many of the tips shared by the author, the book will teach you how to successfully apply these techniques in your life and eliminate the errors that previously caused blocks when it came to finding the right partner.

The winning formula to finding your right partner shared in ten simple steps is easy to comprehend and incorporate into your life. The author shares some pithy advice from Jane Austen in the book which adds to the flavor of the topic. The book is not just about finding love, there is much more to it other than just finding the right partner. Reading this book is also a good way to reflect on yourself and get a mental and emotional spring cleaning done so that you can be ready for a new relationship and set the values you are looking for in a relationship.

I would advise everyone who is on the lookout for the right person to read this book so that you can release the old patterns and create new thought processes. The Alpha State, Mind Studio, and Dream Diary will all guide you towards experiencing reality. As Jane Austen rightly said: ‘To love is to burn, to be on fire.’ Get ready to find what you want and feel the fire!

Book Review – The Lady’s Revenge by Arabella Sheraton

‘The Lady’s Revenge’ by Arabella Sheraton picks up the story from the previous novella ‘Lord Blackwood’s Valentine Ball’. Lord Blackwood’s declaration of love to Patience Cherwell at the Valentine Ball had made all her dreams come true. She could not understand why Henrietta Paisley, society’s matchmaker, was so distraught as her plans of getting Patience together with Lord Blackwood had succeeded. Patience was shocked to discover the reason for Henrietta’s distress. Letitia DeVere was back! She had been romantically entangled with Lord Blackwood and they had been engaged to be married. Everyone had thought Letitia had died in Italy but now this viper was back to dash her dreams. Will Letitia’s hopes of marrying Lord Blackwood be revived all over again?

The plot takes an interesting turn when Letitia finds out how Lord Blackwood had won Patience’s heart. Letitia was choked with rage and she could not come to terms with the fact that Lord Blackwood had forgotten her for someone else. She thought, ‘Charles is mine. I will get him back even if it kills me. I must see him as soon as possible.’ She decides on a plan to turn Lord Blackwood against Patience and go back to Letitia.

I like the manner in which Arabella builds up the suspense and keeps readers curious till the very end. It will be nice if readers can read the prequel first because the two books go together as a complete story. As always Arabella’s twists and turns in the story make the romance exciting, and while the frustration on Patience’s part is palpable, Letitia’s meanness and evil mind are surprising. Arabella manages to bring in the contrasting images of these two characters significantly in the story, which is good to shift the focus from the romantic angle. All the characters are well sketched, as in all her stories, and the detailed descriptions take you right into the scenes.


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Book Review of ‘Lord Blackwood’s Valentine Ball’ by Arabella Sheraton

Patience Cherwell was Mrs. Henrietta Paisley’s next target for her romantic mission. Patience knew Henrietta meant well; after all, she had been her mama’s dearest friend. Ever since her mama’s death, Henrietta considered herself to be in charge of Patience’s life. It was Lord Blackwood’s Valentine Ball and Henrietta thought it was Patience’s golden opportunity to secure Lord Blackwood for herself. Patience wanted to throw Lorna (her young friend from York who was staying with her) and Lord Blackwood together. Lorna was charming and enchanting, and Patience felt they would suit each other. Patience found Lord Blackwood attractive and he aroused unusual feelings in her, and he found her interesting too. What happens at Lord Blackwood’s masked ball? Will Lord Blackwood declare his love for Patience or will it be Lorna? Will Lord Blackwood and Patience get married and live happily ever after?

‘Lord Blackwood’s Valentine Ball’ by Arabella Sheraton is another wonderful Regency romance from this author and will keep readers glued to the story till the very end. Like the rest of her books, Arabella’s detailed descriptions when it comes to characters and the scenes pull readers right into the middle of the story. The rest of the characters in the story, be it Captain Lyndon, Henrietta, or Lorna, all complement the main characters Lord Blackwood and Patience and will keep the readers guessing what is going to happen next in the dramatic sequel.

Book Review of ‘The Wayward Miss Wainwright’ by Arabella Sheraton

Helena Wainwright had offered to help her recently orphaned nephew and nieces who were living with their Uncle Vernon, the Duke of Rotherham. He was also their new guardian and Helena thought he was arrogant. They both disliked each other and Helena could not wait to go back to her own home. The children’s life in Oxford had been quite different with her sister who was married to Henry Wroxby, both now deceased. Helena wondered how Henry could have been a brother to the domineering current Duke of Rotherham. She also wondered how Miss Emily Fanshawe would take it if she learned the Duke wanted his nephew Marcus to be his heir. The Duke was contemplating proposing to Miss Fanshawe, who was staying as a house guest with her mother at Rotherham Park. The story takes an interesting turn with the appearance of Harold Jenkins and when the duplicity of Mrs. Fanshawe who was scheming for something more by getting Emily married to the Duke is revealed.

Like the rest of her books, ‘The Wayward Miss Wainwright’ by Arabella Sheraton takes readers into a world of Regency romance, intrigue, scandal, and confusion. The twists and turns in the plot leave readers curious to know how the actual hero and heroine of the plot will end being together despite all the cunning people around them. Arabella Sheraton builds up the romance slowly without veering too far from the historical restrictions and societal norms of that era when the plot is set. Each character is distinctive in their portrayal, making them memorable to readers.

Review of Poetry Book ‘Journey of a Shallow Man’ by Aviral Aviral

‘In my silence, I had found my answers.

In the darkness of an eclipse,

I had found my light.’

‘Journey of a Shallow Man’ by Aviral is about the beginning of the poet’s self-discovery, his journey towards the light. The prose poems in the collection are insightful and deep, and they give glimpses of the poet’s contemplative and meditative mind as he seeks to look at the profundities that make the world the way it is and the diabolical nature of humans. There’s hope, there’s love, there’s happiness, and then there’s the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, and the Sky in his poems, as he seeks to have a better understanding of the fragilities and complexities of life surrounding him. We see him questioning his worth and being overwhelmed by his insignificance on this earth in the poems.

Aviral’s poems trace his keenness to achieve transcendent calmness after going through the storms and challenges of life and being an observer of the dreadful acts of mankind. His yearning to be in a world where everything would be free and the colors are not obliterated amid the machines is palpable. I like how Aviral has given Sky an identity and individuality of its own more than just being an element. It has a fresh and unique feel to it.

(Book releasing on September 28, 2021)

Book Review: The Dangerous Duke by Arabella Sheraton

‘Wanted: refined and respectable gentlewoman to act as a companion to a Lady. Must be educated with a good speaking voice. Reply with references to the following address’ – Fenella Hawke was unsure about applying for the position because she had no experience and no one to vouch for her character. Her aunt Preston looked at her as the daughter she never had and thought she was a perfect choice because Fenella could read and write well and she spoke beautifully. Devlin Deverell, sixteenth Duke of Wyndlesham, was surprised that his mother, the Dowager Duchess of Wyndlesham, even wanted a companion.

The handsome Duke found himself attracted to Fenella and her natural charm which was different and refreshing from the usual society ladies of his acquaintance. Though he thought she did not belong to his class of society, he could not resist falling in love with her. The Duke’s mistress, Lady Penelope Vane, was not too happy with the developments between the Duke and Fenella. She was one of the most beautiful women in London and though everyone knew she was the Duke’s mistress, no one acknowledged it openly. She kept wondering when the Duke would ask her the fateful question and when she would be able to wear his engagement ring. Penelope’s jealousy saw no end and she tried to harm Fenella to get the Duke all for herself.

‘The Dangerous Duke’ by Arabella Sheraton is for all those readers who love historical settings, intrigue, romance, and passion. Arabella Sheraton builds the action and urgency in the plot effectively and makes the story enjoyable and exciting to readers. Apart from the main characters, Sir Marcus Solesby is another memorable character in the story who has been well portrayed by Arabella. This book is another wonderful treat from the pen of Arabella Sheraton for all Regency romance lovers.


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